item tracking in navision--BIG PROBLEMOS!!!!

I’d appreciate any help in this area—we are prepared to do inventory this weekend and I fear that if we don’t get some accurate answers, our inventory will go right back to square one. Ever since we got the Navision system, our inventory in all branches is very inaccurate and our computer support has not been very helpful or don’t seem to know what’s going on.

We have two branches and literally they are doing item tracking two different ways–both methods have problems associated. Our branch does the following–when a sales order is created, item tracking is created for the line item PRIOR to creating/printing a pick. The problem arises as shippers go to the location and parts may not be there. I just found out that shippers will change the tracking from the inventory pick screen, but it never gets changed in the actual sales order and thus, is invoiced with the wrong item tracking and wrong lot numbers—how does this affect inventory? We thought the ‘proper’ way was to commit the item tracking from the sales order (order desk) and if there was an inaccuracy, the pick should be deleted and item tracking changed and a new pick created/re-printed.

Our sister branch enters the sales order and creates the pick without item tracking each line–the shippers instead do this. The problem is that doing this allows one to ‘steal’ parts that are committed to other orders. In fact, we use this way when we want to steal someone else’s parts.

In our line of work, we don’t always have stock and we normally work on a first come first serve basis. Often, a person may place a ‘future’ order but we can’t control someone taking the inventory without committing the lots and even then someone can ‘steal’ it by doing the above.

What is the correct way of doing this or the best way of making sure you don’t let your customers down and also maintaining the integrity of your inventory?

please–any advice is appreciated!!!

Might be reservation can help you upto some level. Try to explore the reservation functionality.

Hi Azia,

This problem is common in all warehouse. And it can be improved by having better inventory control. E.g. perform regular random stock check. Ensure documents are issued for all outgoing inventory.

If a serial no. is changed from a Navision Pick List it will update to the Sales Order.

I do not think this is a correct way of doing it. Once again… if there really is not enough inventory, you would have picked up this problem in when the order is placed, and not when the item is being picked. (If regular stock check is done, then this problem would not arise.)

Secondly, if item is so crucial in your business to the extend it runs out of stock, then maybe you need to implement a safety stock level for some hot items.