Item tracking and Item Reservation

I am hoping I can get some opinions on this the Item Reservation process. How many of you out there are using the Item Reservation function? and how do you use it? What is the proper way to use it? When we take an order, the shipping date may be anywhere from 2 days to 2 months away. We are physically reserving the product in our warehouse, and updating (not shipping) the item tracking lines in that Sales Order, but that does not prevent someone else from adding the same item tracking line to another sales order. The only benifit that I see when using the Item Reservation function is that it records that item tracking number as reserved, but that still doesn’t actually prevent anyone from adding it to a different Sales Order and shipping it. Any ideas or feedback? Thanks.

Before giving you bad advice, which version are you using?

Opps. I guess that IS important, isn’t it. [:)] We have just upgraded to 3.6 this past March.

Hi Sandy If you define the item tracking lines against the sales order and then reserve the item against the serial number it will reserve that item tracking entry. You can from another sales order define the same serial number on the item tracking entries, but if you try and reserve this one it will tell you you cannot as it is already reserved, or if you try and ship it, it will tell you you cannot as it is already reserved (this will then give you a completely different headache[:D]). So in answer to your question - reserving the item tracking entry against the sales order line does actually prevent the shipping of the same serial number for a different sales order. I hope this helps.

What about simple reservation without Item Tracking lines. If a product amount is reserved (say 5 of 10) does it prevent someone from selling and shipping another amount that overlaps the original reserved amount (say 8)?

Basically yes, that’s what Reservations are about. Since you are on 3.60, you can use reservations, and Lots and serial numbers should work as you require. If you upgraded from 2.60 it should be pretty smooth, but if you went through 3.01 or 3.10 you could have some problems with open lot numbers, but nothing that can’t be solved. In any case, set-up a test database, and try out what you need, that’s allways the best solution. Oh and good luck.

We came from 3.10 but do not use lot numbers at all, so I am hoping that there shouldn’t be too many issues. Thank you for you input.

Hi All, I have read this topic with great interest any maybe I am missing something. So if I do please tell so. But here is the situation. I have made a new Item (no lotno.'s or serialno.'s) in a 3.70 Cronus database. I have purchased the item, and put it away in my warehouse using the WMS functionality. Si this item is on a pickable bin with a quantity of one. Next I have made to Sales Orders for the Item. One the first one I have reserved the Item, on the second one I didn’t. Both Sales Orders have a quantity of one. When I try to ship the Item from the second Order without the reservations, there is no error stopping me… So what is the benefit of making reservations, if in the WMS module I can still ship the Item? What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

Secondly, does anyone where I can get the following manual: “Reservations,Tracking and Action Messages White Paper”

I have received the manual, thanks Steve. But there is no anwser to my question. Has anyone tried the above scenario?

Hi Sven How are you picking the second item? Are you manually overriding it from the sales line and forcing the ship rahter than going through WMS?

Hi, It seems that the bug I encountered is solved in a hotfix for NA 3.70. After having implemented the hotfixe until 16, I can’t ship the non-reserved item. So that is the way it should work. So for everybody using NA3.70 out there, make sure that you have the latest hotfix in place.

“Reservations,Tracking and Action Messages White Paper” Can somebody send me this white paper please. We are also having untold suffering with reservation entries and item tracking. Best regards, Farayi [:(!]