Item stock at varous Warehouses

Hi All,
I can purchase the same item for different warehouses . So I want to know stock at various warehouses . Where can I see that functionality ?
Thanks in advance.

In any of the on hand forms.

Thanks Adam,

I am looking for a functionality Item By Location. At a single glance I want to know stock availability for an item against all Divisions.

Please let me know the path.



Items / related information / item by location

In classic

Item card / item button / items by location

@JTRM123 this is AX not NAV


Stock Management - Places - Stock On Hand

Stock Management - Inquiries - Stock On Hand

Stock Management - Common Forms - Item Details - On Hand Button

Sales Ledger - Common Forms - Sales Order Details - Sales Order Line. Stock On Hand button and Overview Button, or looking at the warehouse and the on hand tab.

Lots more places but this is a selection.