item sales tax group and sales tax group

wht is the difference between sales tax group and item sales group in ax2009

One is attached to the item, the other the business, then through the combination per line the appropriate tax per line and then tax per order can be calculated.

Tax group and item tax group :

Tax group is for Vendor or Customer or header part of SO or PO

item tax group is (by name it self ‘item’) for Item or Line level of SO or PO.

whenever tax transaction is posted , tax should be calculate or attached to Vendor or Customer and Inventory.

Adam : correct it if i am wrong.

Don’t forget that these Tax Groups and Codes can be set up on a General Ledger Account as well!

If you are processing an Accounts Payment Journal, you may want GST to be assessed and posted as well.

I am working through a case right now where a GST account is for contract payments, and I must set Item GST Group on the GL account header.

The GL account is effectively the taxable service I am buying if you see what I mean!