Item - sales (lcy) field filter

in Item table, Sales(LCY) and SALES (qty) are flowfields. i need a similar field with additional filter on it. It should sum up only those ledger entries for which a particular dimension value is present. (for example. all record with Dimension code: A and dimension value 123)… how to set this additional filter on the above fields.? i try to put this on tablerelation but no success.

You must change key in item ledger entry to have dimensions in Sales flowfield.

Create a flowfilter in Item Sales(LCY) that it’s related to dimension.

can’t get you… can u explain a bit more about it.

Forget my last post.

Sales (LCY) already has a filter in “Value Entry” by the 2 main global dimensions. The other dimensions aren’t in value entry table are in Ledger Entry Dimension

thats the starting point of my question. the sales(lcy) has 2 global dimension filters. but i want to add additional dimension filter to it… the new dimension info will be available in ledger entry dimension table… for example, the sales(lcy) should sum up only those records for which the ledger entry dimension table has a particular value (say A).

by default, we have link between value entry and item table to put filters on sales(lcy) field. i want to have additional link betwen value entry and ledger entry dimension table to put another filter on sales(lcy).

You can’t make an sumindex with several tables at the same time. You must sum it manually.

i know that for flowfield we can relate only two tables… but my requirement is that i have to relate three tables: item, value entry, leger entry dimension table to get sum of amount field from value entry table. i want to relate so that user can put filter from item as well as ledger entry dimension table on this flowfield ( sales(lcy) of item table). how can we achieve this ?

In form display a global var instead of a field. Look at stats form in customer card. Some information is flow fields are others are global vars. You must the same thing.