Item/Sales Analysis using Analysis views


It has been a while since I was on DUG and a while since I looked at the Analysis views in NAV too… I am therefore feeling a bit rusty.

A client has asked if it is possible to in the NAV2013 RTC to set up a matrix with the Customer Numbers across the top as columns and the Item Nos. down the side as rows with the option to switch between displaying Quantity Sold and Amount, and filter by date.

This sounds like a job for the Inventory Analysis Views, however it looks like you can select all Items and add them to the view, but in order to do Customers as well, I think we would have to set up Customer No. as a dimension as well.

Am I correct?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Edward,

The only way I have achieved this in the past is to have a dimension for both Customer and Item and to have the system create these automatically when a new customer or item is set up. The issue with just copying them into the analysis is that you still have to maintain them in two places.