item retuned, but don't want to increase my inventory

Hello, I am using NAV 2009 SP1 RTC.
here is the situation, I sold a customer a piece of tile.
The tile broke so the customer returned it.

Now I want to return the customers money, but I do not want to put it back into my iventory because the tile is broken.

I am going to use the Sales Return Order.

Any ideas ?

Use a sales return order to return the stock to inventory (because you technically are, even for only a short while). Then you can dispose of it with an item journal and a negative adjustment.

You could also just issue a manual credit to the customer if you want to skip all of that. Depends on what level of detail you want.

Use SRO as intended (create it with CopyDocument function, that’s easier) and you have such options before posting it:

  • change line type to GL Acc and choose corresponding account for ‘returned damaged merchandise expenses’ you will need to refill Qty, Amt, etc etc.
  • leave your Item as is but change location to “Returned merchandise” and decide later what to do with it - resell if good, repair, write off.

the second option for you is theoretical, your tile is returned because broken, but you can use this approach if you offer money-back period or item broke until under warranty.

in both cases Customer’s balance is properly updated, but in first case Item “vaporized” without trace, which not always is the best method, depends on your business practice.

updated: Hi Matt, you managed first, while I was writing… But my slow writing is forgivable, I have late night, but you should have afternoon or even midday now [:)]

Yeah, I won’t go with option 1, becuase I want to be able to run a report on all my damaged items.

So I will go with option 2. I will create a ‘damaged’ location, and receive it to the location.

Thanks for your input.

Thanks for the reply. I will return to a ‘damaged’ location. Then do a negative adjustment at a later date.

This way I can keep track of the items that got returned. Thanks !