Item Reservation restrict to Customer wise

Hi All,

I am working on nav 2009.

One of my client requirement is if allocate the reservation for any item against the sales order to customer , then item should not sale for another customer.

But navision will allow to sale that item to another customer.

How to solve this problem.

Thanks in Advance


This feature is available in Navision, you can reserve the items against Sales order.

I suggest to do the following:

On Item Card >> Planning Tab>> Reserve choose the option Always.

and in Sales Order>> Functions >> Reserve

Thanks Raj,

I know about this functionality.

But what iam saying is if i reserve the items against one sales order , then that items should not sell for another sales order.

This concept is not available in Navision, for this any work around.

If u keep it always, system reserves it automatically and next time when u create SO for same Item system does ask u to “reserve manually” ? if u wanna do so. If u have tried this do one additional step release the first doc at first place then create another SO, though without even releasing the doc the earlier said shud happen.

Let’s say you have 10 on hand of a certain Item. Let’s say you have an order to customer A for 5, and you reserve those to the sales order specifically. You are then allowed to sell the remaining 5 to another customer.

you have to do modification for funtionality what u are looking.