Item replacement

Hi all,

We are currently using NAV 4.0 SP3. We encountered a problem about replacing item from vendor. Hope can get some ideas from here.

We set up the location as require receive, put-away, pick and bin mandatory. Upon receiving goods, Warehouse Receipt is created to post inventory increase. After receiving the goods, we perform the quality check before putting-away to the warehouse (i.e. the exact bin).

The problem is, how can I do the return if the quality check fails and a warehouse put-away document is already generated upon the receipt? Also, the item will be replaced later by the vendor, where should I record this inventory increase then?

Many thanks.

Hi Podolly,

You mention that you setup location as require receive, put-away, pick and bin mandatory. This means that when an item is received, it will create put-aways for you automatically. Since you have a QC policy, you can create QC Bins. When items are received, NAV should create Put-aways to the QC Bins. When QC is completed, the Warehouse users have to create movement to move the items from QC to a Picking Bin. This means, the Warehouse users have to complete the movement, else you will have no stock to sell, as there is not items in the Picking Bin.

You can configure this in Zone and Bins under the location card setup.


I need to set-up NAV in order to receive some of the items to QC bin and other items to Receiving Bin.

Items received to QC Bin will transfer to other Receiving Bins after Quality passed.

How can we set-up this in NAV?