Item Rejection in AX 2012

Dear all,

I have raised a PO of quantity 100 i have made product receipt for 100qty now i am performing QC now QC has rejected

10Qty and 90 accepted

How can i manage rejected quantity 10 qty back to vendor ?

How can i make a product receipt for 90qty which is accepted ?

please suggest your thought

Thanks in advance

You need to set your item group up to use quarantine orders. You then need to configure the quality control testing associations to be triggered by the quarantine order, in this manner the stock is received into the main warehouse, AX transfers it to quarantine warehouse and the quality order is raised upon it. The quality order handles the testing side like accept or reject and the quarantine order the stock.

you need to split the quarantine order for the 90 accepted and 10 rejected, book them into a rejected stock warehouse in the same site and then load the purchase return from the reject warehouse. This is the flow to use for full tractability. You will also have to go back to the original PO or raise a new one, and ask for the 10 in replacement for the 10 rejected.

Well in 2009 you would alter the stock dimensions on the split order , but you can no longer do this in AX2012, so you need to transfer it back into your main warehouse and then return it out of there.

Thanks lally