Item Register table

Hi ,

What is item register table 46 ? what are the advanrages of this table ? when it do write in this table ? can i delete the closed years from 2008 …even i still need to keep item ledger entries of 2008 ?

Please i need an full explantion about this table ? anf if i shoul clean data from it ? or shoul we keep it ?


Why would you need to clean it up? It’s just like every other register table in NAV. I would advise keeping it unless you have a very specific reason not to. Since you are asking, you probably don’t.

thank you Max ; then i will not delete … iam trying ony to empty some data not needed in database …

But still i need to know what i sthe benefit of this table ?


The F1 (Help) explains it as follows, which I believe is self explanatory:

Every time an item ledger entry or a value entry is posted, an item register is created.

The entries in an item register are the result of the following: posting of an item journal and posting of a sales or purchase order, invoice or credit memo.

Every register shows the first and last entry numbers of its entries. To see the entries, choose Register, and then select Item Ledger, Phys. Inventory Ledger, or Value Entry.

Try to understand it from above and by posting some PO/SO/PI/SI etc…

So as Matt suggested don’t delete those entries.

But why are you trying to delete data? Disk space is cheap, both native and SQL can handle very large databases.

I think you might be approaching the problem wrong.