Item reclassification Journal

Hi Masters,

I need to transfer the Raw material From Location stores to Location production.

tem Has Lot tracking

I can Use Transfer order and Item Reclassification Journal.

Transfer order has two Steps 1. Ship 2 . Receive

Stores and Procution plant in same place. We have given the rights to Stores person to post the material.

so I am going to use Item R. Jounal.

I fill ed the Journal line and i assigend the Item Tracking code in Lot No field.

I did not fill the New lot No field. Because i am transfering same Lot no to Production department.

when i try to post the Jopurnal system thirows this error.

Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision

You must specify New Lot No. in Item Journal Line Journal Template Name=‘RECLASS’,Journal Batch Name=‘DEFAULT’,Line No.=‘10000’.


Why i have to assign the new Lot no when i am issuing the raw material To production location.

Please suggest me.

The item reclassification journal reclassifies elements of the item. You are telling it that you are reclassifying a lot number, so it wants to know what the lot number is.

Whilst you are using it to “transfer” goods this is not the purpose of the document, and therefore you need to obey the rules of the document, any entry where the old is defined needs a new to be set, even if it is the same as the old.

Thanks Mr. Adam.

Problem solved.