Item Quantity Breaks


Can anyone advise on the following

We often need to provide costings of qty’s breaks for the same item.

finished item cost for qty of 10/50/100

Now we all know that the more you buy the cheaper the finsihed item. but the problem i see is having to change the cost of the component part line in the sim prod order. This is all well if the component lines are about 5 lines but when there is a list of 30 compoents on each sim prod order there is a lot of changing to be done.

so at the moment the procedure is as follows as i understand it to be

i need to cost for quantity of 10/50/100

raise 1 sim prod order for qty 10>edit cost on each individual component lines (30 components)
raise 2nd sim prod order for qty 50> again edit cost on each individual component lines
raise 3rd sim prod order for qty 100 > same as above

as you can see there is quite a bit of work here. I have tried to work out if i could use the sale prices and purchase prices but they only apply to sales and purchase orders as expected!

Any advice on how i could reduce my work load would be great.


a. There are two ways to look at it this issue. U shud be buying in bulk , I mean Raw Material here, which makes u think that cost of FG wud be less if production is mass.

b. and the other way to look at it is u save a lot of money in ur routings reason being machines setup time is same irrespective of qty manufactured in a lot. So making change of this kind on routing lines will make sense.

In either case I do not think NAV has the provision to make this mass change through some batch job. You can get it customized by creating a report or something which u run from that interface and will change the cost for ur simulation. But u need to check if u need make this change at Item’s cost level or Routing’s cost level.