Item purchases report

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I need to have report lists purchases per item with full details :

posting date - vendor code and name - QTY. - unit cost - and value

is there any similar report??

thanks in advance for all

You can look at standard report Vendor/tem Purchases or Inventory - Vendor Purchases

Or you can design report from Value entry or item ledger entry.

Dear Amol,

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Theses reports solves a part of my problem ., but I need to list all purchase invoices related to a certain item from all vendors .


For list of all purchase invoices for single item

Go to Item Card–> Click on Item button–>Click on Entries–> Select Value Entries–> You will see all the entries related to that item

Filter on Item Ledger Entry type field as Purchase.

You will get your desire output.

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Dear Amol

I have more two questions: [:)]

1- how can I enter a purchase invoice in a currency other than LCY??

2- how to print a posted " item ledger entry"??

  1. In Purchase Invoice screen select desire currency code in Foreign Trade tab

  2. What do you mean by print posted item ledger entry. ? What is require to print ?

we use item journal to adjust inventory manually.

sometimes we need to re-print a posted item journal entry

thanks again and again

You can look at the Warehouse–> History–> Registers–> Item Registers

Here you can have all the entries

Just click on entry you required–> click on Register–> select Item ledger

I really did this , but how can I print the entry??