Item Purchase Approval for Vendors

To fulfill some of our ISO audit requirements I am attempting to add an information section to the Vendor Card & Purchase Order to show our users what item types are approved to be purchased for the vendor. This is done so we can maintain consistent purchasing for various items, instead of having new vendors added or going back and forth between them for the same items. The way I thought of doing this was through editing the Vendor Table, to add the “Approved for” Field, and then editing the Vendor Card so the information can be inputted and displayed for users. Are there any issues with this approach, or should it be mostly clear sailing? Also, have any other ISO companies faced an issue like this, where they are required to show which Vendors are approved to supply which item categories? If so, how have you dealt with it? Cheers

You might want to read up on the functionality for Vendor Item catalog, which is used for the requsition management functionality. For each Item you can store what vendors you can purchase from and the lead time, cross reference etc.