Item Price for Item model group FIFO

Hi All,

How can I get the item price when the item model group is FIFO using x++ code. How the price of the item calculated when the item model group is FIFO?

Please suggest?

Thanks in advance…

By item price do you mean the price that is used when the inventory is issued/consumed? If so, by default it will consider the avg cost price.

The inventory recalculation will update the cost based on the costing method.

when creating the sales line it will fetch the price for the item… Is this related to item model group FIFO?..If yes how the value is calculated?

That is sales price not related to costing method.

The pricing can come from a number of places, the trade agreements, the sales agreement is is released from, the costing version, the released product etc. There is a hierarchical look up based upon dimension, dates, quantities and a “best price” logic. There is no reference to the item model group, as Kranthi states that is the cost, not the price.