Item posting profile


I am looking for a document which gives a detailed information about the “item posting profile”. And i want to know the ledger account hitting and how it will be effected in Balance sheet by using these posting profile.

Thanks in advance.

What is your doubt and specify the which account you did not understand in Item Posting profile .So we can help .

As you know it is not possible to explain full process in the forums.

The inventory postings just post on the ledger you’ve selected. You can both post on balances and P/L ledger accounts,

Desadvantage with inventory postings is the huge amount of transactions thus I created all new accounts and post monthly a total on the balance and P/L account.

Have you looked in the trade and logistics manual?

Any update on Inventory Posting profile…

What update do you require - there are lots of resources including the manual telling you what it does.