Item picture size in NAV 2009 R2 classic


Does anyone know what the max size a picture can have to be able to import the image on an item card?

To import a picture, click the Picture button in the window and select Import. All pictures must have the file extension .BMP, and they must be in bitmap format.

The format shall be in .bmp but what is the max size?

The BLOB type in Dynamics NAV is limited to 2GB. An image that is stored in a Blog is limited by blob data type. I never loaded so large pictures into a control.

Hi, thanks for your reply but I am afraid that the image is 644 kb and It won’t work but if the image is ie 64 kb it works.

How did you know that an image can be imported to an item card(image) in 2 GB? Have you got any information where this is stated that you can send me please? Just need to read more about it since it won’t work…

Thanks in advance

In Dynamics NAV 2015, I have made a small test in Item card by uploading a 7 MB bmp and it worked with any issues.

i don’t have access right now to a classic 2009 to made a test