Item on-hand AX 2009

Hello everybody.

I got case what happened in 2011. So someone need to 0 item x by counting item to 0. I not what happened but he/she problems, counting didn’t work first time, so that item was counting 2-3 time with different amounts. Now reports from AX shows that item x is 0, but when you check on-hand (item details-item-on-hand) AX shows that item x have negative physical and finance value. I tried to add more by counting and in reports it works, report show that item x is 0. But when I check on-hand is shows double value. Is there any other way to 0 the value of item?

Hello again,

Here are some prtsc if it any help.

All started when they tried to 0 item by counting on-hand to 0(marked with red). This didn’t help, after this item on-hand was 540.

Item details - On-hand at this moment

When I try count item to 0, on-hand is 0…

Any suggestions how I can 0 this item?

Hi Denis,

I don’t understand how you can be seeing what you are seeing!

The On hand inventory report is showing -540 Posted (that means 540 sold in some way, and financially updated) and 540 Received (that means 540 received in some way, but only physically updated). This is why the On hand quantity is zero.

But the inventory transactions do not show a Receipt which is only physically updated, and if I add up the quantity column, I get -540. Is there another line (the last line?) missing from the inventory transactions screenshot, which has Received = 540?

Hello Terry,

There are 2 last line, both are coungting journals +/- 540 carton. So, they don’t inpact. Are suggestions from where I should start?

Can you dump all inventory transactions for this item to Excel (not filtered on any warehouse or location) and put the file on OneDrive or dropbox or similar?

Sure. Here is the link to the file.

Thanks Denis. That’s exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, it just confirms what we already thought.

According to the inventory transactions, you have -540 on hand. According to the On hand form, you have none. I don’t understand how InventTrans and InventSum appear to disagree with each other.

If you run a Consistency check, in ‘Check’ mode only, for Inventory management → Item → Inventory transactions & On-hand, does anything interesting come up?

P.S. Do this in a test environment, if you have one in which you are able to recreate the problem!

Oh, details about the consistency check functionality:

Hello Terry,

Finally I had time to run a consistency check. Here the log