item not in inventory when trying to make transfer from one location to another

Hi guys,

I have a little problem here , after running the stock template report i found out that there are some stock in a location. i try empty the location by transfering the stock to another location. When i click on post a message is given that the item is not in inventory . When i raise more than the available item on inventory, check availability gives the exact quantity i was trying to transfer initially and also indicate that i have raise above the quantity in the inventory. i check the item ledger entry table for the particular location and for that item but the remaining quantity is zero. My question is where does the check availability and the report template pick the available item for that location from and how do i go about rectifying these problem. Is it possible that there was an item on that location in the item ledger entry table that has been deleted, if this is the case then how is the check availability and the report template still picking it.

Thanks in advance