Item not being picked up on Pick list

Hi Guys,

We have client who runs Nav 4.02 with the main warehouse having Directed Put Away. When registering Warehouse Picks,some items remain on the shipment window as un picked while these items are actually at the location(warehouse) to meet the order from.

If you try to create a new pick list to register the systems gives a message of “Nothing to Post”.


What could be the problem that gives raise to this? or What do i do to solve the shipment for partially picked sales orders for shipment? These list like building up in the database.

In location setup you have option “always create pick line”. You can enable this option to track lines that aren’t picked.

There are several reasons to that happen, (tracking, items are in other documents, etc.)


But one more question ,does it mean that if a have one batch no.of several items i can only use the item tracking on outbound documents by creating ONLY one document at at time?