Item No cannot be found in the related table (Item)

The field no. of table sales line contains a value(Item No), that cannot be found in the related table (Item)

at the time of creating Sale order I got this error on Sales Line No. Field, I Verified the Item master for the Related Item No. ,the Item No . is present in the item master table still error raising .

Exactly where do you get the error? Try to run it with the debugger, to check where it fails.


In sales Line No.field validation when i choose the item No it shows the Error ,Version NAV 2013 R2.

  1. Are you creating the Line by code?
    If so…did you set the Type to Item before you’ve validate the “No.”?
  2. Check the table relation of field “No.” and see if some filter was added to the table relation

ok i will check and confirm.