Item movement / transfer orders and Master Planning


I just added the location dimension to our items and specified for each item the pick location and the bulk location.

When a pick location reaches a minimum quantity, is there a way to automatically make item movement journals? Or do I need to create them manually? The bulk location is almost always in the same warehouse as the picking location so I cannot use transferorders.

I also noticed during testing the following : I have on my pick location 10 on stock and my bulk 20, and I get a salesorder for 15 pieces, it gives a message that only 10 can be delivered. This is incorrect because I have more stock on my bulk location. How do I handle this situation?

Thanks in advance.

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You need to setup a fully configured WMSII environment to handle this with PalletID’s and then ouput order etc processing. I have not really looked at it but bulk to pick face replenishment is part of it, but you have to use pallet ID’s and set all of the zones etc up to get it to work. Just setting a pick and bulk location means nothing really.

Unfortunately I have processing industries for dynamics, this module doesnt support WMS2.

So for now my guess is I just have to fill a movement journal manually.

Could you help me with the second question, why i get a no-stock message even if i have stock on bulk?

The second part of your question is because the system does not see it, you have told it to pick from pick, so it does not look at bulk - why would it when you say pick from pick. You are driving it to one picking location - once you manually move the stock it will tell you to you are okay. You also need to be careful how you set your dimension groups up and what item coverage and physical inventory is checked, are you setting up planning routes between locations - you said you did not want to use transfer orders, so you need to ensure the system does not altogether ignore your bulk location,

I have to tell the system that they have to pick from pick because i dont want a warehouse worker to pick from a bulk location (for example a pallet that is high in our shelf system). I know i have to manually move the stock and then its ok, but when a customer places the order, the salespeople need to tell right away to the customer if the item is on stock or not. If they see this message they might say its not, even if it is but only needs to be moved first.

I tried to make a transferorder but AX tells me two warehouses needs to be different from eachother. My bulk locations are in the same warehouse as my picking locations…

So how do I handle the transferorder problem and how can i tell ax not to ignore the bulk location?


Basically you cannot tell it the pick location - the users entering it would need to drill into the location field to see what is on hand. and then pick the location.

An alternative is for this not to be looked at, reservations kicks in at the warehouse and the pick list journal would be split between bulk and pick.

Another alternative is for you to default the pick and train them to drill into the location to see if any is in bulk.

Transfer orders are only between distinct warehouses. As I said the bulk-pick only works in WMSII which you cannot use as you have Process, and therefore you need to decide on an approach through sales that gets you what you want.