Item Model Group - Stocked Product

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In AX 2012 , Item master - Product type field has options like Item , Service and in the Item Model Group form - Stocked Product field available.

Item - Represent finished items and raw materials.

Service - Represent services

What is the use of the stocked product field and which product type i need to place a check mark in Stocked product .

Item can be stocked or non stocked, non stocked is applied when the item’s inventory is not necessarily to be tracked, means no inventory transactions, no on hand and no closing process.

The difference between non stocked and service items is that service items will have inventory transactions(though they will not have the onhand tracking) and they will be considered by the closing process.

Hi Kranthi ,

Thanks for the reply.

From your explanation what i understood is Stocked field will place the important role in AX 2012 .

Even product type = Item or Service , if user does not want to trace the inventory transactions , then dont place a check mark in the stocked product field .

Am i right ?

Apart from the inventory transactions , do we have any another importance of Stocked product field in IMG( Inventory model group) ?


Product Type = Item + Stocked product is equivalent to the ItemType - Item/BOM in earlier versions, so every thing applies here

Shall I consider Product type field is mainly consider for grouping or reporting purpose and Stocked field is mainly considered for inventory transactions point of view ?

Correct me if I am wrong .

Hi Lally,

I am adding one more information if a item associates with model group as “stocked product” unchecked then in that case we cannot create a BOM wrt to that item.