Item master import issue


Here I am facing one issue with Item master.

I have exported the Item master through Excel import in the AX. After the data imported I could not able to find the Master data in Item details. However I checked the same data in AOT->Tables-> Inventtable, Data is available there.

Kindly let me know what could be the reason for not able to see the data.


Sathish kumar

There are many other related tables that also need to be populated for you to see the items in the item list. If you search the forum this has been discussed many times and you will find threads pointing you towards the additional tables you need to populate depending upon your version/requirements.


Yes Adam is right along with inventTable you need to import with same itme list below tables:

InventTableModule and InventItemLocation.

while importing data you must consider MUST types of fields other filds you can ignore.

for inventTableModule must fields are:

Item Number, Module Type, Unit, Price Unit.

you have to import same item three time in InventTableModule but Module Type will change for three items as :

“001::Purchase order” , “002::Sales order”, “000::Stock”.

After this you need to import same item in invetItemLocation with :

ItemNumber and Dimension No.

where Dimension No. by default you can set “AllBlank2”.

Let me know if any problem you face with this.

Thanks & Regards,

Mehul Thacker

Hi Adam and Mehul Thacker

Thanks for the reply

thank you so much to every one

and specially to Mehul Thacker

my problem solved