Item Master Data Migration

Hi all… i want to change my costing method in item table

so i need to rename my item no become new item no

my steps is… do closing for the quantitty

after that export all the items

and change become new item no

import again

what i want to know is…

which table should i export import as long as with table item ?

what i already found are :

  1. Table Item (27)

  2. Table Item variant (5401)

  3. Table Sales Price (7002)

  4. Table Purchase Price (7012)

  5. Table Default Dimension (352)

  6. Table Item Unit of Measure (5404)

those all what I know…

do i miss anything?



I recall in earlier versions it WAS possible to change Costing Method for Item with recorded transactions, given that at the moment of change it has zero stock (and no “hanging” value, which may happen with Average costing). However, Dev license had to be used - maybe, for temporarily “disabling” the warning…


for in this case, example they already using since 2009

2009-2011 → FIFO

2011 -… → Average

whether this will not interfere the costing???