Item List


I am opening the item list from item card, and i am trying to filter the items by location code and and iventory <>0 and date filter.

But the resultat is the same, the date filter is ignored, the qty of items is qty of items with the last date.

For exemple Item A0001 at the date 15/01/10 was 30, at 14/02/10 is 50

I set the date filter 15/01/10 but the qty is shown 50.

Thanks in advance

The Inventory field does not take into account the Date Filter, it shows actual inventory.

If you want to know the inventory using a Date Filter, you have to look at field Net Change

Which is the number of the Item net change?

Thanks for you reply

Field No. 70

I am selecting this filter at ITEM Table but its shown the message

The flow fild value cannot be calculated.

"You maust to define and activate a key that contains the key fild that appear below, and than associate the specifid SumIndexField with it.

Key Fields: No,. Type, Starting Date

SumIndexField: Quantity (base)

Table: Requistion Line"

Can you give me any way haw to show this information?

Thanks for your reply.