Item Ledger No Does not exist

You would be suprised just how long a company can survive on a totally corrupted system. I have seen companies that have just continued along with systems that are a mess, believing that this is “just Navision”.

I see this all the time.

I have to ask, who the hell suggested you delete ILE’s or VE’s ? Who ever did it I hope they never ever so much as get near another Nav system! You need a developer license to be doing things like this, unless your doing it in SQL, in which case they must have a little bit of intelligence to select the correct rows, in which case they should have the intelligence to not delete ILE’s/VE’s! Take a copy of the DB (code base) and reimplement Master Data/Opening Balances/Opening Transaction over a weekend… I would recommend that over hacking the system some more and praying that your Inventory Valuation works moving forward. t

I usually see this in smaller companies that are running either Quickbooks, SBT, MAS90, or other smaller accounting software. But in the case of ERP software where the company is large enough to involve creditors, it’s pretty bad.

Nonetheless, you’re right… This situation is more common than not. Seems like a waste to spend all that money to get unreliable numbers…

Hi masters,

When I run the AICE batch Job ,

System throws the error “ Over flow decimal”.

How to solve this problem.

Please help me…………

You have either modified the routine and created the issue, therefore you need to resolve it, otherwise this will be a known issue you can find out from Microsoft or your partner and the correct hotfix for your version can be applied.