Item Ledger Entry with negative remaining quantity (sales)

We have this case “Item Ledger Entry with negative remaining quantity” for sales entry.
This is very weird as this is the first and only line with negative remaining quantity.

It indirectly tell us this sale entry has not been applied. But how do I know which entry to apply ?
Or how do I apply it in the first place ??

Can any guru advice me.

Does it actually have more applied to it than the quantity of the line or is the remaining qty just a negative number?

As I don’t think this was done by the standard system, you may run into problems in the future with item applications and costing.

Applications are made pr. ItemNo, of cource. But within the item application is also made pr. Location Code, Bin Code, Variant Code, Serial- and Lot-No’s. And perhaps some more fields.

Check your Item Ledger Entries and match positive entries againts this negative one.

Thanks for the reply.

I managed to apply this negative entry using Application Worksheet.

I hope this case won’t happen again. Does anyone have any idea what is the possible cause?

Talk with your Navision partner. This is standard Navision, nothing abnormal at all and fairly basic Navision stuff. Your partner will have trainined consultants that can sit with you, review your processes, and work out why this is happening, and what you need to do to prevent it in the future. There are many things that could cause this, but without all the facts at hand its not possible to say exactly.