"Item Ledger Entry table is empty" error if when trying to use undo shipment


Could you please help with the above error?

The line im trying to undo is there in the item ledger entry table, but i get that error

Just to add more detail to the above post,‘Undo Shipment’ is throwing an error only for serialized items. I have managed to undo shipments for all un-serialized items

The item ledger entry, that you try to undo, is not completely available. Is reserved?

The Entry no. system is trying to undo is not exist in Item Ledger Entry Table or not available.

Check the Entry no. in which the error shows by through debugger.

Hope it helps !!!

A bug like this was fixed in NAV 2013 R2 (fix released in CU 1). But that one was related to assembly, not tracking - little chance it can be of any use in 2009.

Anyway, I would assume that it fails somewhere in COD 22 when applying item ledger entries. Most likely some temporary buffer there turns out to be empty. Difficult to say anything else without more detailed repro / call stack trace.