Item Ledger Entry Problems During Upgrade

I currently have a client that we are doing an upgrade for. However, while in the testingt pahse of moving from a 2.65c Database to 3.70a we have run into some issue on the item ledger. What it appears is happening is the invoice entries in the ledger seem to be missing the related Sales Shipment line that balances out the entry. Here is what I have been able to identify so far about the entries. Quantity = 0 Invoiced Quantity < 0 entry is closed Closed by entry is 0 closed by quantity is 0 closed by date is blank When the code unit 104060 hits these entries it says the following ledger entry can not be updated. I have made a report with the above filters however there seems to be thousands of them which leads me to believe there might be more to this story. What I am wondering is if anyone out there has had numerious issues upgrading the Item Ledger and if you have can you share what they were and some solutions you used to get past them? With Appreciation Aaron Kerstiens