Item Ledger Entry Entry No. "0" does not exist.

One of our techs tried modifying a database entry of a vendor on a purchase order. The change was made because the vendor was incorrect on the purchase order. However, the purchase order had been received on. Instead of making accounting or purchasing do a purchase return order and return the receipt of goods and then creating a new purchase order for the correct vendor, the tech went to the database and changed the name of the vendor in the purchase order header and purchase order line table, and thus caused issue with item tracking information. We have since resolved most of the database issues, but now we get a “Item Ledger Entry Entry No. ‘0’ does not exist” error when trying to post a purchase invoice for that vendor in correlation to the changed purchase order.

Any assistance will be very appreciated.

Using Nav 6.0

You should get your NAV partner involved to fix the problem. Your database is corrupted now and without someone looking at the whole thing it’s next to impossible to help.

It is not feasible to change the data in Navision after posting . It always create a problem as navision stores data in different tables with relationships

Be careful.