Item Ledger Entry Correction field

V4.0 SP3

I have 3 open items that add up to zero quantity

2 of the items are marked Corrected = Yes

If I try a journal entry to ‘close’ these entries, the filter using the Applies-to Entry uses the Correction = No.

Is the Correction = Yes anything to do with unship or unreceive activities?

Can I just remove the Correction filter?

First of all how u got this correction field checked in ILE because so far I have seen that while posting entry thru Item Journal u check this field and select apply to or from depending on entry type.If u have some data line with corrected checked then u need to select apply to item entry or apply from entry else system will allow u not to post.

As cudn’t see the use of this field as this like as in AR and AP does not post negative debits etc. in ledger.

It looks like a problem with the code to “unship” and “unreceive” when linked by the Drop Shipment. (Normally this is not allowed and a code change was needed to allow it. The big problem for this client is they deal in very sensitive materials that have a carefully controlled recall and audit requirement).

The correcting entries are created correctly on the posted purchase receipt line and the posted sales shipment line and the entries are made Corrected = Yes but the Open is not changed to No. and the remaining quantity is not set to zero.

The remaining quantities all add up to zero and when the inventory valuation is run, these entries do not have any impact.

I have now set the Open = No and brought the quantity remaining to zero.

It was not possible to do a journal entry to clear the entries as they have a reverse for the Positive/Negative quantity.

Maybe this situation has been sorted out in V5 or V9 where a Drop Shipment does not preclude unreceive/unship?