Item Ledger Entry and Warehouse Entry

Hi Chaps,

Does anyone know if there is a database relation between the item ledger entry and the warehouse entry.

Many Thanks


My memory tells me there is not one. Is the item serialised? This would help, but not guarantee a link.

The item is lot numbered, if that helps. Would warehouse transactions need to update the item ledger entry for shipments etc?

Sorry, I didn’t full understand your question.
Warehouse entries are not direct related to item entries. But in some situations are. If you make a purchase, there will be item entries and warehouse entries. If make only internal warehouse operations, there will only warehouse entries. Normally in warehouse entries you have look at Source Doc. and Ref. No. and lines to related to source doc and relate to item entries.

Thanks, what Im after is identifying what Bins are used from an item ledger entry.

I would instead find the shipment line, find the warehouse shipment line, and then find the registered Pick line. The pick line has bin.

Nope, it’s kept separate.

This is done by design so you wouldn’t make an item ledger entry everytime your items move between bins.