Item ledger entries

Hi Experts,

I bought an 10 item with unit cost of 10 rs and overhead rate of 1 rs.

After receive and invoice i can see the value entries as direct and indirect two lines which iam getting correct.

But when i sell the item suppose with the same rate then only direct cost entries are there in value entries.

My doubt is " is the overhead rate can only be used with purchase only or did i make any mistake also if i want to use any additional rates during sales where can i update

Thank u

Hi Veda,

Can you please explain what you mean by overhead rate? Is this a field in your Navision?

Whenever you sell an item, then it’s only the actual cost that will be applied to the cost. If you have additional costs, which are not part of the purchasing cost, then you can eventually apply this cost to the items by using item charges. Otherwise it will not be shown when you sell the item.

I guess that you did not run the Adjust-Cost-batch. This a crucial one when working with inventory and costs. You’ll find it in “Financial Managemant” → Inventory → Costing → “Adjust Cost - Item Entries”. Read the documentation and try it out in a test-environment before going live.

NB This batch works in different ways in various versions of NAV.

“Overhead Rate” is a standard field in NAV, table 27; Danish caption is “IPO-bidrag”. Has been there since some early Attain-version. Used for a fixed amount to add to the Direct Cost.

Don’t worry if this overhead rate is included in Cost of Item procured when u will run Adjust-Cost it will update ur COGS as well.