item ledger entries are deleting automatically.


I am working on cronus test data base Nav 4. 0 SP 3 . No customizations . I done some transations with items.

Then that item has some ledger entries.

Now I take the back up . after back up completed then I run the AICE batch job in Test database ( not on back up).

Then system is saying item ledger entry does not exist .

Is there any chance to delete the Item ledger entries by system automatically because of the batch job data compress batch job .

Because the item ledger entries are deleting automatically.

Please let me know.

Date compression ALWAYS deletes a group of item ledger entries amd replaces these groups with new entries which usually shows “Compressed Entry” or similar in the description field.

Can you explain WHEN the system complains about ILE not existing?


I done some transactions with purchase and sale, positive , negative, transfer…

After that I run the AICE batch job , then it runs smoothly.

Now I had taken the back up.

After that again I done some transactions same as above .

Now I run the AICE batch job.

Now system throws some messages like ILE doesnot exist.

So please let me know the problem.

When do you see the error message?

When running the batch job or when doing another posther posting?

Please provide some more infromation on the process that you are following.



System is showing the error when I run the AICE batch job.

Error is ILE does not Exist.

While I am posting the new transactions it is not showing any error.

Please let me know the reason.

Thanks and regards

You are talking about the report 795 Adjust Cost - Item Entries. Is that right?
This report does not delete any entries.

You did not directly mention that you ran a date compression.
But if you did, did you check for all the preconditions you need to be fullfilled before runing the date compression?

Compressing entries is valid for closed years only. Closing a year is valid only when all entries are invoiced.

Thanks Thomas,

I know the use of the AICE batch job , it never delete the ledger entries of Item .

Just I want to confirm if I take the backup then that date compression batch job will run automatically ?

May be it will delete the ledger entries automatically.

Is it correct .

A backup does not run the date compression job.

All that a backup does is make a copy of all the data in your database. It does not run any functionality.