Item Ledger - Application worksheet - Error "fixed application was not unapplied"


Version: NAV 2009 Classic

I’m just trying to solve some problems within the Item Ledger. I have to manually apply a lot of open entries. Trying to follow the FIFO rule I remove applications from newer entries in order to close older entries. Now and then I get the error:

A fixed application was not unapplied and this prevented the reapplication. Use the Application Worksheet to remove the applications

But it doesn’t work. I have no chance to remove the application and apply those entries to other older entries.

How can I follow the NAV error message and remove the (fixed) applications?



The following are important considerations to remember when you are working with the application worksheet:

  • You should not leave application entries unapplied for long periods of time because other users cannot process the items until you reapply the application entries or close the Application Worksheet window. Users who try to perform actions that involve a manually unapplied application entry receive the following error message:“You cannot perform this action because entries for item XXX are unapplied in the Application Worksheet by user XXX.”

  • You should only reapply item ledger entries during nonworking hours to avoid conflicts with other users who are posting transactions with the same items.

  • When you close the application worksheet, Microsoft Dynamics NAV performs a check to make sure that all entries are applied. For example, if you remove a quantity application but do not create a new application, and then you close the application worksheet, a new application is created. This helps keep the cost intact. However, if you remove a fixed application, a new fixed application is not automatically created when you close the worksheet. You must do this manually by creating a new application in the worksheet.

  • It is possible to remove applications from more than one entry at a time in the application worksheet. However, because applying entries affects the set of entries that are available for application, you cannot create an application for more than one entry at a time.

  • The application worksheet cannot make an application in the following situation: If there is not enough quantity on stock to apply, the application worksheet cannot make an application when you are trying to apply an inventory decrease entry without item tracking information to an inventory increase entry with item tracking information.

Thank you Amol. That’s what I found as well on

But unfortunately it doesn’t answer my question how to remove a fixed application. Or am I wrong?



Could please give me a more detailed repro step?