item journals

I’ve set up a number series for item journals and ticked the default column. I’ve set the default item journal to use the number series (in number series, not posting number series) I’ve set up. When I start an item journal and enter all the details, I leave the document number field blank as I expect it to pick up the number series. It does not, and when I click post, it tells me that I must enter a number in the document field. Can anyone help and explain why the auto number series pick up is not working

Document No. has to be populated when you create lines… If you want assign Document No. during posting use “Posting No. Series” field in the batch.

thanks - still not clear. extract from official dynamics help under document number field is

If the No. Series field on the journal batch is filled in, the program automatically enters the next number in the series in this field.

On the physical inventory journal, this is exactly what happens, so why not so on the item journal?

This works in standard system. Maybe you have some mod that prevents this or chek that you No. Series is active, not expired and has numbers available.