Item in Sales Return Posted with 0 Rate

Dear All,

Kindly Suggest for the below issue:-

I have booked a Last Year Sales in System and i Have 3 Item in that Return.

In first Two Items i have mentioned the Rate but in Last Item i have mentioned the Quantity but forgot to mention the Rate so system posted it with Zero Rate.

The Quantity is right but can someone please suggest how to reverse the Process so that i can provide the right Rate to that Item. My Financial Year is 2011-2012. So i cannot book a Sales Invoice for Last Year in the Database. Kindly suggest

Thanx in Advance



Use Item revaluation for the same…

Dear Amol,

Kindly Suggest how to handle financial entry in this Case:-

Customer Cr.

Sales Dr.

Item can be revalued by Item Revaluation Journal.

For financial entry you need to pass Debit Note …

It Means i have to pass a debit note through Sales Invoice with Sales G/L Account in Sales line Section with Type as G/L and amount as the Total Line Amount which was left while booking Return Order.

Kindly correct me if i am wrong.


Dear Amol,

When i am trying to revalue the Item then In Item Ledger Entry Sales Amount(Actual) Field is not getting updated only Cost Amount(Actual) is getting updated. Will it remain 0 only on Revaluation.

Does it makes a difference.

Kindly suggest for the same.

Item revaluation only update the cost amount (actual) field

Try to run Adjust cost batch job after revaluation .