Item in its own Kit Line

Hi all,I don’t like this idea. I have tried arguing against it many times but…

I am in the process of implementing kitting (I have been looking forward to it). A recent question I got was why we cannot use an item in its own Kit Sales Line.

eg. ItemA has ItemA(Main product) and ItemB(additive)The reason is in their sales analysis they consider ItemA is still the same item if it has only ItemB added to it. ItemB is never analysed.It’s a single level BOM and does not have any planning. As in the Manufacturing. I don’t see too many visible issues. I have already pushed for the idea of 2 items. One as a straight Item. Another item that contains the kit items.The biggest issue I see is costing. Any other pitfalls to watch out for?Thanks

Costing will certainly be an issue.

Do you do any planning? If you do you may be in trouble. I need 1 item A on a sales order, this contains, from the BOM, item A and item B, have I got these, oh no I have not got item A, oh look it has a BOM, it contains item A and item B have I got item A . . . . . . . . [:D]

I have not done any planning with simple kits, so I am not sure what will happen, but it will also affect item availablility figures I guess.

At a very basic level Item A cannot be the same item if you add Item B to it, you are creating a value add and changing the nature of the product. You cannot tell me from the sales of item A which had item B and which did not. Ultimately it is a different item, the reason they chose not to do this is through a limitation of a system, or laziness.

Convince them to set up a different item, you can use the analysis views to report sales by item, and the range on the item can include the two items rather than being singular, therefore giving them one sales figure for the two items, but full audit tracability of everything they have sold.

However as they are a customer and want to do it that way it seems your path is already laid out before you [:D]

Thanks for the response.

So far I have been firm in my position. I said NO NO NO.

I like your idea to use the Analysis Views. The main problem I am facing is this client is very sales/order entry focused. Make it easy for sales guys and their train of thought. Forget about warehousing. very sad [:(].

I will see how I go.