Item Image in Custom form

I have a custom table ‘Tabel1’ in which there is 2 field .One is ItemId and another is Image container that is extended with bitmap.

I want to develop a form using grid control to store item image in each line and show.

Like as soon as I select item id and click tab it show image in image window in grid.

What do you need from us?

And what do you mean by showing it in grid after clicking a tab? If you want to have it on a separate tab, it won’t be in a grid, will it? I wouldn’t put it into grid anyway, because product images may be large and a grid with very high rows would be difficult to use.

By the way, didn’t you consider a factbox with the image? I believe it already exists in AX 2012, therefore maybe you could simply put it into your form.

Its a client requirement that to show item image in custom form.and then show report of it.

So want to save image details in new form and table So I can use it on report as well

Can you please answer the question about grid vs tab and what problem you have with implementing the requirement?