Item has no parameters for Inventory in AX 2012R2

HI All,

I am using Ax 2012r2

i am getting below error while creating transfer order for one item.




I think the error must also showing the item number.

Can you validate the item from released products form and see for any errors?

Hi Kranthi,

We are missing items in Inventitempurchsetup table, so i created a new record in that table now it is working fine form me.

But still i want to know why for few itemsmissing records in Inventitempurchsetup .



Were they created via an import or code? This shouldn’t happen through the UI.

This table is related to default order and site specific order setting for inventory module. Whenever a product is created, system inserts a record into this table with a blank inventDim. You shouldn’t be missing records in this table