Item has no parameter for inventory


Please i need some help. When I try to enter transaction in item journal (Project >> Journals >> item), i encountered an error telling that the “Item has no parameter for inventory”.

We already check the Setup parameter for Inventory, but it didnt solve our problem.

Please help us on how to solve this problem.

thanks in advance. [:)]


The error message you mentioned does not look like error from standard Ax. Most likely it must be from some customisation. Try adding breakpoint for Info class → add method.


What is the project category on the item record?

Hi Sir,

Sorry for late reply. Those items are setup in Direct Material category everytime we enter item transactions.



If it has a project category I suggest you investigate the advice prior to this.

I receive the same err msg

for all items i uploaded with the Definition Group

please did u reach any solution ??

Please refer to your other post -

Please post your replies there.


Can anybody please help me.

I am creating a transfer order. where in transfer line when i select Item then i get an error

Item001 has no parameters for inventory.

I am getting this error for item which have been imported from excel upload.

Pls help.

Its really urgent!!

Your Excel upload did not contain all of the required system tables, review and reload. The referenced post above also gives you the tables and the answer