Item free

Hi experts,

In one my company is following this method.

Up to now they do not know Navision. Now they are planning to use Navision. How to do this in Navision.

It is a trade company . If customer purchase one item , then customer will get another item free.

Example :

In item card they define Greeting card as item and Envolpe cover as another item.

They purchased separately above items.

Suppose customer purchase 100 Greeting cards. Then customer will get 100 envolpe covers free for the greeting cards.

So how to do this in Navision.

Every customer will get this offer.

That means when raise a sales order for 100 greetings cards then Item covers with Quantity 100 has to update in sales line automatically.

How to do this navsiion .

I am very grateful if any expert throw some help.

Thanks and regards


U can use the Free supply feild in the sales line to fulfill your need.

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I dont believe Free supply field is a standard field.

If you have version 5 with kitting. You can create a kit item and set the “Automatic Build Kit BOM” field. This is the cleanest method.

The other option is to make a modifcaiton to automatically add new line with 100% discount.