Item Expiry


Can we use Item with new Expiry date once it is Expired.If Possible how this can be done.

Please Advice


we have New Expiration Date in Item Tracking Lines form and New Item Expiration Date in Item Reclass. Journal…


Thanks for thr replay.

I have Item A .It was Expired on 05-01-2011. After Rework has been done on Item A, it is found that

Item can be used for another 2 months. How this can be done.Where new Expiration date can enter.

I have to use the same Lot Number.



Item Reclass. Journal Window

You use the Item Reclassification Journal window to adjust inventory when you transfer items between different locations or between bins or to correct dimension value codes.

You can use the reclassification journal to change item tracking. You can:

  • Change lot or serial numbers.

  • Create or modify lot or serial number information.

  • Reclassify expiration dates for lot or serial numbers.

To insert lines in the item journal, click the first empty line and fill in the fields.

When the journal is filled in, you can choose to post, post and print a report, or print a test report only