Item Discount Problem with Service Orders

Hi all,
I made a discont to the contract type “B”!
In contract/service discount table:
Type: service item group: MKK Dicount %: 7
Than I made a service contract with template “B”
I made all and than I made a service order with creat contact orders (in periodic activities). It made a service order (No. SR070040)
I went to the service order No. SR070040, and clicked to line button; service item worksheet. Than I chang type: Item, and add a Item, (it has a service iten group: MKK), and add a warehouse,quantity, and price!
But Navision don’t use the discount to this item!
Pleas, help me!

Sorry it has been a long time since I looked at Service Management, but presumably the contract service item line shows the 7% discount, if not your contract is set up incorrectly. Cannot remember the order to contract relationship and generation routines off the top of my head but will try and have a look.