Item discount groups / invoice discounts

Dear All

I have set up an item disc group with a number of items thats are eligible for sales line discounts based on minimum quantities. For example for items in the group have a line discount of 1% if order more than 5 boxes, and 2% if ordering 11 or more boxes.

Is there a way that I can use the same discount thresholds but apply it to the item group as a whole on the documents I would like the discounts to kick in when I enter quantities greater than the threshold for all the itemsin the group.

For example if I order

1 box of item A

1 box of item B

and 3 boxes of item C the item disc group policy will kick it.

I understand that this is more of a invoice discount requirement but the invoice discount features only appears to allow for customer specification rather than individual items.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated.

Kind Regards



All discounts you mentioned are even named “Line discounts” - so these work in ONE line context only, so

is not possible, as spreads over more than one line.

Customisations can be done (there were threads earlier here in forum about similar needs - search for “discount”), but that’s not so easy as it looks at a first glance. For example, how Navision will know WHICH lines to sum up, if you have, say 25 lines? All? First 2 (or 5 or…)?Every third?

Remember, user can enter item lines in any order, that makes the task more sophisticated - read more expensive. You must weight all pros & cons before deciding between ordering a customisation - or leaving it to your users to decide, when to apply an Invoice discount manually.

Dear Modris

Thank you for your very insightful response.

So just to clarify, there is no way, without customisation to group items prior to entering sales orders so that when the total of this groups items are entered onto a sales order minimum, minimum quantity discounts are applied.

I would imagine a customisation would go along the lines of:

A table assigning individual items to item disc groups (but not the item invoice groups themselves)

And a routine which runs on the sales documents that checks the grouping of the items on the documents and applies the specific discounts.

Can you think of any other steps?



In general your’e right - although there already exist ItemCategories / ProductGroups (not Posting Groups, other - examine Item Card) you might use, but for added functionality development complete set of added custom fields/tables/other objects are better, that makes later version upgrading easier, as you never know how --and if-- existing standard objects will change from version to version.

But this is job for experienced team - a newbie wouldn’t handle it, as Navision has it’s rules how things are done.