Item details not deleted it's associated Tables

Hi All,

I have created an Item in Released Products Form. I have deleted the same item in Released Product List page “Delete” Button. Record is deleted from InventTable Table. But The same Item details not deleted in EcoResProduct Table and it’s associated tables.

Can anyone help me to solve this issue?

Hi Raja, I see you’re including AX version in the title of all your threads. Attaching a tag (as you correctly do) is sufficient, therefore it’s not necessary to bloat up the title by this repeated information.

That’s the correct behavior; you’ve deleted merely the released product (InventTable) from a single company; not the product definition (EcoResProduct) nor it’s instanced released to other companies.

Ok. If i create the same Item id agin in same company, Its showing error…

You’ll have a much better chance to get an answer if you at least mention what the error message says. Please realize we can’t do anything for you if you don’t give us enough information. It’s in your best interested to explain your problem properly.
Also notice that your original question was about why EcoResProduct wasn’t deleted; now you’re talking about something else.

EcoResProduct record not deleted. So EcoResProductIdentifier also not deleted.

So when i create the same item, Its check whether records are available in EcoResProductIdentifier Table. If not exists it show tick mark near Item id field in Item creation form. If not exists means, its show same item already exists

This comes down in part to your creation process - you create products and created released products from them, or you create released products and it automatically creates the product. Deleting the released product could not delete the product because you could have multiple items linked to it in multiple entities.

Why not created a released product from the product, or delete the product (only for it to be created again by what you are doing!!)

Aren’t you trying to create the same product again? That must fail, because it already exists. You should release the product to the given company, not trying to create the product again.

Hi Martin,
If we create an item in released products form…then the item is related to that company only…
Is this correct…?

Yes, and the product it creates is not.