Item description changing History


is there any way to check the item description changing history, mean who change the item description.

No Imran , i dont think there is such functionality.

Yes there is, activate the database change log on the invent table for the description field.

Ohh yes you can do it in that way …:frowning:

Dear Adam,

there is no Invent table in the tables list and one thing i selected Items table. item change information is coming in the database log. but one thing. if some person change the Unit Conversion of item then this update is not coming in the Database log. kindly tell me which table is link with Unit Conversion of item.

Imran Raza

there is no invent table in the table list, one thing more if some person change the Unit conversion of item. then this information is not coming in the database log. kindly tel me which table is link item unit conversion

Unit of Measure conversion details are held in the UnitOfMeasureConversion (Standard or Intraclass) table - just personalize the form you are on and it tells you the table. Unit of Measure Conversion is in the database logging “Not specified” node, Items are under trade.

When you are logging data base changes and it lists the table there is a selection at the bottom - it is set to “main tables” as standard, change this to “all tables” to see all tables.


i already selected All tables but this is not coming.

What exactly is not coming?

dear i want to track the Item changing (item Unit Conversion). for this which table i used. last time you said, Invent table but this is not coming in the All Table List.

Originally you asked for item description, then unit of measure. I have answerd both here including the note in database logging it is tracked under - not sure which part you are missing as I have given you the table and where it is in the database logging.

dear i found the solution, Unit conversion is from Basic.

Ah so you did not want the database logging wizard location you required the physical menu option in AX - I gave you the all tables node for database logging as per the conversation to track changes.