Item Daily Purchase Price


Can you store daily purchase prices in Business Central Navision ?

Can you create items with weekly or monthly prices based on the averages week/month of these daily price items?

Can you create items with a purchase price at a supplier where the purchase price is based on the purchase price of another item and add a calculation formula?


Daily price:

item “Daily” - price - price valid from day(date) to day(date) at supplier X

Weekly-Monthly average price:

item “Weekly” - price = average price “Daily” (eg average of recorded prices in week 2021W37) at supplier X

Calculated purchase price:

item “Product1” - price at supplier Y = price “Weekly” from supplier X + transport cost from supplier Z + fee from supplier AA

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In BC you can establish weekly or monthly Vendor prices, by Item, by Start and End Date. You can load these via Edit in Excel or Configuration Package. As for a calculation to establish the Average and populate, that is not possible Out-of-the-Box but you can use Excel and load as I noted.

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You need go with some customization, there’s one section of Sales and Purchase price and you can get the idea from there but its not what you looking for.